Our Products


You may purchase all types of sealed batteries and flooded wet cells in small numbers or bulk from Power Resources. Whether you need to replace a few battery jars or install a complete new battery system with all rigging, labor, wiring/cabling, monitoring systems, racks and cabinets, Power Resources has the experience and resources to assure you have the most reliable products for maximum system performance. We offer a complete line of batteries for most applications including telecommunications, energy & infrastruture, UPS, engine starting, and specialist applications. 

Battery Service Programs

As studies indicate, lack of maintenance is the major cause of premature battery failure. While valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries require substantially less attention than traditional “wet” cell batteries, they do require maintenance. Our Battery Maintenance services will help ensure that your back-up batteries will deliver maximum power when you need it most.

Power Resources offers a variety of Battery Maintenance Programs that can be tailored to your specific battery type(s) and specific needs. Effective maintenance must be regular, comprehensive and consistent; including visual inspections, voltage, resistance, (impedance) current and temperature measurements as well as capacity testing (when appropriate) to identify any performance related problems. Let us design the right program for you.

Battery Removal and Recycling

Complete and safe removal services are available to ensure your company is not at risk when it comes to the de-installation, handling, disposal and recycling of spent product. We include all required documentation for the transport, handling and recycling of your retired batteries.