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New Hampshire Office

Matt Russell

With 25 years in the power quality business, Matt’s vast knowledge and practical experience makes him an asset for any given project. Matt's long history in the field and his associations with the major manufacturers gives him a unique understanding of the available technologies and which ones will benefit you most. He will furnish the best solutions for your application, from a simple stand-alone unit to a complex integrated system. Matt’s attention to detail and friendly, accommodating manner provides for a pleasant sales experience.



NH Office: (603) 887-6655
Mobile: (401) 641-8803
Fax: (603) 887-6656

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Connecticut Office

Jonathan Rook

Specializing in DC Battery Systems


Jon and his former company, Data Power Decisions, Inc. were providers of emergency power systems since 1984.  His work in the industry has garnered him a solid reputation as an expert in the field. He has worked as a technician on UPS Systems, Chargers and Switchgear. He specializes in DC Battery Systems with applications in Telecommunications, Power Plants, and more.  Jon is also available for training and consulting for Utilities, Data Centers and Telecom central offices as well as offering on-site seminars.    


Mobile: (203) 668-6501